Manufacturing a cleaner
and safer future.

We're on a mission to reinvent cleaning processes, empowering
manufacturers to reduce risk, waste and their carbon footprint

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What is Ambimization®?

Revolutionary clean technology

Our patented cleaning methodology, Ambimization®, combines chemical and mechanical engineering to provide revolutionary, clean technology that removes hydrocarbon solvents, caustic solutions and heated chemicals from manufacturing processes. With Ambimization®, businesses can reduce their waste outputs by up to 93.3%, decrease VOCs by up to 99.6% and eliminate solvents entirely.

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Why Ambimization®?

Pioneering a new era of sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturers have relied heavily on traditional solvents for their cleaning processes. As the world strives to become carbon neutral, these practices are at odds with corporate values of employee safety and sustainability and cannot continue. Ambimization® solutions include our non-flammable, non-carcinogenic, and non-toxic water-based fluids, and specialized cleaning machines for superior cleaning and material sustainability benefits. 

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Innovative solutions

Coatings & Automotive manufacturers

While the applications for Terrafend's Ambimization® technology can be applied across a broad range of industries, our immediate focus is coatings manufacturers and automotive OEMs. We're empowering these companies to enhance productivity, safeguard their people, reduce cleaning waste, and meet sustainability objectives.

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Ambimization® - How it works

Move away from solvent-based cleaning

Discover how Ambimization® delivers sustainable, high-performance replacements for solvents that place people and our planet at risk. Watch the video below to see how Ambimization® works.

Delivering a material contribution to the climate change solution.

The numbers speak for themselves

We don't just pay lip service to sustainability. We're empowering companies to make impactful changes that contribute to the climate change solution.

Our impact

Sustainable solutions manufacturers
– and the planet – can rely on.

The growing pressure for manufacturers to produce sustainably requires a rethink of their operations. A recent study highlighted that manufacturers account for 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions - manufacturers’ biggest environmental priority alongside waste reduction. Explore how Terrafend's patented Ambimization® process is contributing to the climate change solution.

Empowerment at a global scale

Ready to rethink and reimagine what’s possible? We are too. Together, we help manufacturers build a cleaner
and safer future. Ambimization® enables companies to achieve material benefits at the site level while meeting major global ESG objectives.


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Ambimization® is empowering manufacturers to become cleaner, safer and more sustainable.

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