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Ambimization® and sustainability

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For years, manufacturers have relied heavily on hydrocarbon solvents, caustic substances and heated detergents in their cleaning processes. As the world strives to become carbon neutral, these practices are at odds with corporate values of employee safety and sustainability and cannot continue.

Terrafend's patented Ambimization® process is about unlocking the potential of a circular economy. We do this moving away from a model where hazardous waste is created and disposed of, towards one where clean and sustainable fluids can be used repeatedly.

Sustainability Terrafend-Sustainable-Solutions
Sustainability Terrafend-Sustainable-Solutions
Cleaning for circularity

Access a new paradigm for industrial cleaning

At Terrafend, we are on a mission to reinvent cleaning processes to reduce risk, waste and carbon footprints. Cleaning for circularity is one of our company’s important values on the way to a sustainable future. “Reduce Reuse Recycle” is more than a catchphrase for us. It is our starting point for a new circular economy.

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Using energy more productively

Transfer energy usage to generate productivity

Ambimization® empowers manufacturers to meaningfully reduce energy requirements in their cleaning operations. The technology’s ability to work to a high standard, at ambient temperature, drawing only minimal energy required to agitate any product or contamination, enables businesses to reduce both energy bills and demands on the electricity grid. And ultimately their negative impact on the planet.

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Sustainability Terrafend-Sustainable-Solutions
Sustainability Terrafend-Sustainable-Solutions
Sustainability Terrafend-Sustainable-Solutions
Sustainability Terrafend-Sustainable-Solutions
Eliminating hazardous solvents

Reduce VOCs and safeguard our planet

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are a hazardous waste product of traditional solvent cleaning. Terrafend is committed to reducing and preventing emissions of harmful VOCs. Ambimization® empowers you to reduce VOCs by up to 99.6% compared to typical solvent-based cleaning solutions and decrease VOC tariffs.

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“I founded Terrafend as a force for good, with the sole aim of empowering industry to move away from solvent and waste heavy cleaning processes that fuel climate change. To see leading global manufacturers solving real world problems by adopting Ambimization® as a cornerstone of their ESG strategies has been truly humbling and a phenomenal source of energy for our team as we strive to create a better tomorrow.” 

- Tom Sands, CTO & Founder

Terrafend customers

Empowering manufacturers to safeguard their people and protect our planet.

Ambimization® is both circular itself and empowers manufacturers to embed a more circular approach in their cleaning processes. At Terrafend, everything we do is designed to make a material contribution to the climate change solution.

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