Circular cleaning: A new era of sustainable manufacturing


Circular cleaning: A new era of sustainable manufacturing

Did you know that right now at this very second, we are consuming more resources than our planet can produce? Manufacturing matters: both to the global economy and to our daily lives. 

Yet manufacturing also has an outsized impact on the environment. For this, it's facing scrutiny from all directions: investors and regulators, customers and employees and wider communities. Manufacturing sites that use traditional solvents for their cleaning processes are known to produce thousands of liters of solvent waste per year. And worse yet, these solvents are extremely high in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) – known to be a leading cause for climate change.

Outdated cleaning technologies and dangerous solvents use toxic chemicals that are combined with large amounts of water (often heated) to create a cleaning solution that binds with a product or contaminant, forming a toxic mess that must be carefully disposed. Worse still, the clean quality is often poor meaning tools and equipment are used for a limited time before being thrown away. This take-make-waste approach to cleaning must now change as the world focuses on a more sustainable existence.

Instead of a linear model that always ends in waste, a circular economy seeks to bring as many materials as possible back into the production loop. It’s a restorative approach that keeps products and materials at their highest utility and value for as long as possible.




Cleaning for circularity

Cleaning for Circularity is one of Terrafend’s most important values on the way to a sustainable future. “Reduce Reuse Recycle” is more than a catchphrase for us. It’s our starting point for a new circular economy. At Terrafend, we’re reinventing cleaning processes, empowering manufacturers to reduce risk, waste and carbon footprints.

Our patented cleaning methodology, Ambimization® brings a new paradigm to industrial cleaning – being both circular itself and empowering manufacturers to embed a more circular approach in their systems and technologies. Our water-based fluids are functional at room temperature (no energy is wasted on heating), recyclable (keeping them in use for longer) and less hazardous (spent fluid can be released back into the environment without negatively impacting the hydrologic cycle).

Ambimization® enables assets to be reused (e.g. resin applicators, paint vats) rather than disposed to landfill, while machines can be reused more quickly and effectively. This results in less hours wasted on cleaning and less machinery is needed in the first place. Ambimization® helps businesses enjoy the benefits of enhancing safety, minimizing waste and keeping assets in use for longer.


Meeting sustainability objectives

Today, more than ever, the world needs leadership in environmental sustainability. At Terrafend, sustainability is at the heart of our vision to unlock the extraordinary potential of a circular economy with sustainable solutions that manufacturers – and the planet– can rely on.

With Ambimization®, manufacturers can reduce their waste outputs by up to 93.3%, decrease VOCs by up to 99.6%, and eliminate solvents entirely. In addition, Ambimization® enables manufacturers to meaningfully reduce energy requirements in their cleaning operations. The technology’s ability to work to a high standard, at ambient temperature, drawing only the minimal energy required to agitate any product or contamination, enables businesses to reduce demands on the electricity grid.